Framed Pictures

KantoA while back I bought a few pictures from society6, and I finally got around to buying some frames for them to hang them up. The one above is Kanto from Pokémon, I contacted the creator @Melee_Ninja on twitter after seeing it.


I love Journey, and it makes a great frame. I went through several choices before I finally decided on this one.

IMG_20150426_162826These are my most recent additions, Orihime from Bleach, and Mikasa from Attack on Titan.

IMG_20150413_211203Finally, Lavos and Crono from Chrono Trigger, in an epic stand off. I was tempted to mount this poster, however with it being such a dark image already, I couldn’t find a mount colour that worked well with it.

The frame is a P70 on the website I linked.

Playstation 4 SSD

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 21.15.52Yesterday I bought an SSD for my PS4 after finding out from a friend at work that you can replace the hard drive. Having originally started on an Xbox 360, I assumed you wouldn’t be able to change it either, especially with the PS Vita memory card being the way it is.

After installing it, and loosening a few screws to fix my power button being incorrectly aligned. I began the processing or reinstalling everything.

While the load times of Bloodborne haven’t sped up by much, they are slightly better, and the system as a whole seems to run much more smoothly.

VMWare Fusion 7

After spending some times using parallels, I decided to go back to VMWare Fusion, and upgraded to version 7. I originally only upgraded to Parallels for the better DirectX support, but it is still lacking in that too.

While it is more effort, I’ll just reboot into boot camp whenever I want to play games on Windows.

I quite like the new icon.

Coder in Progress