Blite: Custom Battle System

cbs_1This is how my game Blite started, a custom battle system, also known throughout the RPG Maker 2000 community as a C.B.S.

First of all I designed a map, setup three NPC models and used a picture to display a monster. Once this was done, using event blocks, I created numbers to show health and magic points.

cbs_2Now using three more image slots, I added three images to show part of the character faceset, with a small bar next to them to show how far until they are ready to attack.

Next for the classic Final Fantasy style of having an action menu with cursor, I also added a slightly transparent bar to highlight which character the menu is active for. I also added a small arrow above the NPC characters to show the active character.

cbs_3As with most Final Fantasy games, there is usually some kind of special attack that happens if you are attacked enough, or if you take enough damage.

So based on the videos I had seem of Final Fantasy 10, I decided to add my own limit bar that would fill up as you take damage.

With the change of the menu colour, I updated the battle system menu as well. As you can see, some items within the C.B.S are still hard coded, such as the number of playable characters in the party.

cbs_4I now also added an additional map to be teleported to if you were on a different land type. If you were on sand you’d goto the original map, if you were on a dirty path, you’d be sent to the new one. I also fixed the problem with the NPC characters being transparent.

I also changed around the limit bar and the A.T.B (Active Time Battle) wait time bar around. So now the bar next to the player faceset images represented how far before a limit break maneuver could be performed.

cbs_5I now moved onto having the multiple enemies that could be targeted and killed (as well as attack the players). Also now, the correct number of playable characters is shown.

Once the enemies were setup and working, I decided to update the plain graphics I was using for the menu (the one I was using originally was borrowed from an RPG Maker 2000 game called Final Fantasy: Crystal Wings).

cbs_6I now worked on a new map to be teleported to, this time a grass based map if you are on a grass tile.

With the Custom Item Menu also finished, I updated the action menu to open a sub menu for using items, and made those items also work. However, the number of items available for use is still not yet being displayed (due to the lack of available images).


Finally I decided to update the NPC character graphics to something more 3d looking. In addition to this, I used more event objects to display the name of the characters. As well as swap the A.T.B time bar with the limit bar again.

And to be more like Final Fantasy, I made the NPC characters move forward when it was their turn to attack (also in the main menu, you can swap the characters between the front and back, so they take half damage if on the back row but do half physical damage to the enemies.