Blite: Custom Menu System

cms_1The default RPG Maker 2000 menu was too limited in what it could do, so after a bit of researched, I thought up a way of using the available functionality to create my own menu when escape was pressed.

At first I borrowed  the text for level and exp. As for the menu items, due to the custom battle system, I could change the equipment system, as well as add additional features such as Gardua (the summons).

cms_2I think at the time I used Final Fantasy 6 or 7 as a basis for the menu options.

My Custom Battle System advanced a bit further to the point where EXP was attainable, and based on my level-exp system ( level = pow(exp+1, 1/3), expforlevel = pow( level, 3 ) – 1 ), I was able to output levels, and based on that and additional attributes, I could output HP and MP.

cms_3Now monsters in my C.B.S could drop money and items, and based on whatever map you were current on, a variable was set that I could now query to get the location.

Incase your trying to make your own C.M.S, the individual numbers being outputted were determined by integer division and modulus, so if you had a number 921, the 9 is gotten by dividing by 100, the 2 is gotten by modulus of 100 dividing by 10, and the 1 by modulus of 10.


Finally I refined the menu, to be slimmer and to only show menu options when they were available instead of the “???” system. As well as this, depending on the number of players, only a certain number of player panels are visible.

I decided that the level didn’t need to be shown anymore, so I removed that, the only place it is visible now is on the status screen for players.

The colour of the menu is just two different images, which can be alternated in the configuration menu. For finishing touches, the arrow used on the main menu was changed for something smaller.