Blite: Custom Item Menu

cms_5I had an image in my mind for the item menu, on the left panel I wanted the list of items with little icons representing them.

On the right panel I was a giant 3d model version of the item rotating, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible in RPG Maker 2000, short of many images representing individual frames of animation.

cms_6I eventually got the icons next to the items, but I didn’t like the item number being on the same line as the item name, so I decided to move it to the right panel since I didn’t have anything set for there.

For the moment though, I decided to work on getting pages of items to work. Although I could display how many pages the items were spread over, it would not shift between them.


Eventually I got the offset working for the page and different items could be shown depending on the page. And as you can see in the image, I added an output for the total number of the currently selected item that the player had.

I eventually planned to put stats on the right hand panel along with a larger image of the item selected, but never got around to it.