Blite: Custom Status Screen

cms_8Since I’m using a custom menu system for Blite, that also means that I need to make my own custom status screen to replace the default one.

One reason for this is there is no way just to show the default status screen, and also it would be out of place from the style I’ve used for the custom ones.

The playable character names were created using a custom name system, rather than using fixed names that RPG Maker 2000 forces you to, I instead created a popup keyboard where players could enter their own name, this is then stored into variables.

cms_9To display the name of a character during a message, all the variables that contain characters for the name just need to be displayed in a message box using the escape characters for showing variables. I think for RPG Maker 2000, it was something like “\v[1]\v[2]” or something like that.

The faith attribute which was a new feature to my game, was a percentage chance to be resurrected or healed in a region if your are in trouble, which could be increased by doing quests for the resident Gods.