Blite: Custom Equip Screen

Blite - Custom Equip Screen 1Since Blite was using a Custom Battle System, the old equipment system no longer worked to increase the attributes of playable characters, so I had to add a custom equip screen.

I decided since it was custom, I might as well add additional features.

So I added additional attributes to the player status, as well as weapons, shields and trinkets to improve these features, as well as to teach magic spells like in Final Fantasy 6 and 9.

Blite - Custom Equip Screen 2Eventually I decided to remove the evade attribute, which would now be calculated based on defense and speed, this gave more spacing between them (before they seemed to tightly squished together).

However now that the attributes could be shown and were working (rather than being forced set), equipment needed to be swappable.

Blite - Custom Equip Screen 3Using the same basic idea that I used for the custom item menu, whenever a weapon, armor or trinket was selected, a list of similar items were listed as well.

So if you selected an armor socket, a list of all armor items that player is holding will be listed in a scrollable list.

Now there was only one thing needed to finish off the equipment screen, when selecting an item to equip, show how it affects the individual attributes.

Blite - Custom Equip Screen 4To do thing, I stored the original values, and then hot swapped the item being selected and got the new value before swapping it back to the original.

If the values were not different, they would remain white. However if the new value was less than the old value, then it would be grey, otherwise if it was greater, then the value was be yellow.

Now my custom equipment screen was finished, all that would be needed now is the graphics cleaned up.