Blite: Others Custom Screens

cms_14As mentioned previously in the Custom Menu System entry, you can select the menu colour on the configuration menu. I tied it further into the game by added the ability to change the text speed, after hearing about Final Fantasy 10, I decided to add the option of ABS (Active Battle System), but in the end removed it since it would require massive changes to the game as it was.


Within the configuration menu, the world map and where you were could turn toggled on or off as well. I can’t quite remember what the “Show Information” was intended for, but it was never completed.

When playing other games made in RPG Maker 2000, I found one that used quite an ingenious method of showing where the game was being saved by swapping the first player with a character named with the save location.

So I decided to adopt that into my game as well, and eventually I planned to making a faceset for the locations as well so an image would be displayed as well as the text.