RPG Architech: Visual Basic

RPG Architect - Map DesignerKnowing more about Visual Basic than C++ at the time, I decided to make my own RPG Maker to give back to the community since the one translated by Don Miguel was illegal.

Since a lot of functionality within Visual Basic was slow, I complimented the code in Visual Basic with a dynamic link library I made in Visual C++. The rendering was done using DirectDraw, and using Windows APIs, I made the corners of the window curved.

RPG Architect - Expanded Map DesignerI updated the colour scheme, and added more options for the map editor, which was slowly becoming more of a game editor I intended it to be. I think at the time I had just switched over from Windows 98SE to Windows XP.

I was also using a time based action system, so at first times on the map, NPC objects could do different things.

RPG Architect - Item DatabaseI eventually changed the colour scheme back, and like RPG Maker 2000, I decided to add a database for items, players, etc.

Unlike RPG Maker though, I added the ability to script the formula functions for determining level, exp, hp, mp, etc values.