KalDLL and the Away Beep

kaldll_9This origin of this DLL came from the Away Beep script I original wrote in mIRC.

It all started when I was on IRC I wanted to get someones attention, it was quite important at the time since they were my web host and they hadn’t payed their bill so my sites were down.

But despite efforts to get their attention, they were AFK, so I began work on a mIRC script that would play a few beeping sounds if a certain character string was typed.

kaldll_10The script became quite popular on the IRC channel and eventually spread to other channels and servers.

I eventually made if so that you activate the beep, you needed to send “@<username>” where “<username>” is the name of the person your trying to get the attention of. So for me, it was “@Kaluriel

There was a limitation to the script though, which was that it wasn’t asynchronous to mIRC so everything frozen until it had done.


And if multiple people had spammed it, you could be stuck and eventually disconnected from the server for not replying to a PING message.

So I began work on a plugin for mIRC that would multithread this process, and give better control over composing. So I began work on KalDLL.

I don’t have any images of the KalDLL version of away beep so I’ve substituted with the KalDLL Pro version, theres not much difference, I kept the same style during the port over.