KalDLL Pro: Customization

kaldll_6The functionality of the DLL grew and grew as more people asked for more features.

One of these features was a better uptime counter, since the function I was using was GetTickCount(), with 32 bits representing milliseconds, it was limited for 49.7 days before it would rollover back to the beginning again.

kaldll_7I found a value in the registry that was updated regularly and was used to store a 64 bit uptime, though it was documented as not reliable to use on all system.

This new uptime counter allowed up 585 million years to pass before a rollover, which for systems using Windows, was very doubtful would be able to achieve.

kaldll_13Eventually it was requested for KalDLL to also have the ability to output information about what is currently playing in Winamp.

So after a bit of research again, I found that using the Windows message system, I could retrieve information about the current song and artist being played in Winamp.