Blite: Direct3D

Blite 3D

When I began to program in C++, I’ve found I can do so much more than I could with Visual Basic. With C++ being faster, I’ve been slowly converting over all my code from Visual Basic into a DLL for Visual Basic to use, to the point where my DirectDraw code is within the DLL.

So the natural order of it was to start writing programs in Visual C++, removing the need for Visual Basic. And instead of DirectX7, I’ve moved onto DirectX8 where DirectDraw doesn’t exist anymore, instead 2D must be done using 3D, so I have began making my Blite game in 3D.

I made a model in Milkshape3D, which I then exported to the DirectX mesh format known as “.x” files. However since I didn’t understand about textures at the time, the same texture got applied to everything as shown in the image due to my combining meshes in Milkshape3D.

Using my first scripting language I created, the camera would rotate around the center of the pedestal. At the time I found that it strangely worked faster than actual machine code, only to then realise that I was running in debug (I didn’t know release mode existed).