World of Warcraft: Kaluriel’s Pet Fix Addon

Kaluriel's Pet FixKaluriel’s Pet Fix is a small addon I wrote that fixed an annoyoing bug on the pet window, where the pet would sometimes be oversized and not fit, probably the quickest I’ve wrote, since it only took 20 minutes to write up, and most of that was making the cheesy buttons in photoshop.

It may also work with hunter pets as well if they use the same frame.

One limitation of this addon is that it saves the settings by Pet Name, so you have to do it for every pet you have, but in the future I might change it so that it works by the pet species, and possibly have a default database.

This bug was eventually fixed by Blizzard.

Three pairs of buttons

  • Zoom In/Out
  • Move Up/Down
  • Move Left/Right


Kaluriel's Pet Fix (391 downloads)