Subway – Bored

SubwaymanBored at subway, borrowing Brian’s leather gloves, Amy’s red scarf, the onion prep goggles, I formed a super hero costume for a man I now name, Subwayman.

However, at the time I didn’t realise that there actually was a mascot for Subway, a giant sandwich (google Subway Mascot).

I still think mine is better, capable of making thousands of sandwiches in a second and fight crime, Subwayman!

Subway Holy ChickenI did find one amazing thing when cutting up the chicken for weighing though, a piece of chicken shaped like an angel.

I could have cut it up and sold it, but instead I decided to eat it with my free sub, mmmm sacrilegious.

It is funny the things we find when doing the prep, there is a collection of bones in the top shelf of the freezer, I got told that we send them back every so often… but I have my doubts.