Totus Village from Tales of Phantasia

Totus VillageA model of Totus Village I create for my A.G.T assignment for university. This model was made using Milkshape3D.

I started off my matching the ground to the size of the SNES version from the game Tales of Phantasia, one unit being one square. With this done, I could correctly map the walls and outer part of buildings to where they were in the game.

Totus Village 1With that done I moved the vertices for the river, down one unit so that there was depth for the river. And extruding the wall quads upwards to creating a town wall.

To finish off the basic town setup, I created the buildings by placing new vertices for each corner of the wall, and forming two faces with them.

Totus Village 2One problem when viewing the map in game is that it is possible to see the end of the world from a distance, that and the buildings are too tall.

So using a terrain generator within Milkshape3D and Photoshop, I made a height map for a mountain light region surrounding the town.

Totus Village 4More recently I’ve started adding roofs to some of the buildings, and I created a rock object which I place around the town.

Some of the building are difficult to perceive what the roof looks like due to the way they were made in Tales of Phantasia.