Guest Lecture: Lisa Corbett from Aadvark Swift

The first guest lecture of many at university today. As part of my Business of Computer Games class in the final year, the module lecturers pull in different people from the industry to talk to us about their area of field.

One of the people they chose was Lisa Corbett from Aadvark Swift, the aforementioned company being a specialist game developer recruitment agency.

The company was started back in 1989, with the intention of helping graduates or games veterans to find new jobs in the games industry. So it goes quite far back to near the beginning of console gaming.

When the lecture started we were informed that most of the information we were about to be told was programmer related, and that the game designers would need to contact someone else at the company if they required more information about their field.

The main reason for the company is so that game companys do not have to go through every 14 year olds CV that says they want a job as a game programmer, which funny enough I remember doing myself.

They take their qualities and strengths and find a companies suitable for you, as well as negociate a salary for you (most graduate salaries start between $18k to $20k per year, though I have heard that is going up by about $10k). Technical Directors get $1000 a week, which is nearly $60k a year.

As well as helping negociate your salary, they give advice for refining your CV for a certain position you may be after. Though most of the section on writing your CV was just a repeat of things I’ve heard before, though I didn’t think mentioning you play games in your hobbies and interests section would have been as important as they said it to be *fixes CV*.

The final part of the lecture was about interviews, one thing which was good to hear is no suit is required, casual clothes are better. Also as I would have guessed, play some of the companies game, and come up with critism for them, don’t mock them, but say things like ‘it was great, but it would have been better if…’

So obviously after hearing all this, we all thought, what is the catch? No catch apparently, the companies pay Aadvark Swift, we don’t pay them, which is great news.

At the end of the lecture, we were told that if we wanted anyone specific for a lecture we should notify the module leaders. To which I sent an email to them asking from someone from PopCap games, unfortunately they apparently never get back. Kinda cheap really, not like its much effort to answer an email.