AGT: Legend of Bob

agt_2After getting my Totus Village model to a point where it can be used in a game, I’ve decided to use it in my AGT project “Legend of Bob”. It is still a work in progress, at the moment I only have a fish and a player model.

Over time I’ll be upgrading the models and effects to be better designed as more of the engine becomes active. At the moment I’m using a large texture (4096×4096 pixels) for the ground texture.


This ground texture is used to composite other smaller textures using a method known as “texture splatting“, which gives soft transitions between different textures depending on the mixture of colours.

I’ve used this method for transitioning between grass, sand, and rock.


The water has been upgraded from its original appearance to be more cartoon like, originally it was a semi transparent water texture.

Now the water texture is an opaque Toon shaded graphic that I found in a Ocean based game on the internet. At some point I’ll hopefully get around to making my own.

agt_7The town model is the most impressive part of the first town so far, being 52618 faces, 40000 of which are the tree (almost as bad as that 30000 face fish I had at one point).

But it is slowly being optimized, removing and merging polygons, and then afterwards, it will be split up and loaded as separate models, before being compiled into static geometry.

I’ve modified my shaders to give rings of brightness depending on the closeness to the player, this gives a more toon like effect, however I think the dark values are too strong at the moment, and need to be more subtle.