Legend of Bob: Trees, Fog and Smoke

agt_8Finally after a lot of effort, I got the tree model I had down to 40,000 faces, making it almost acceptable to put into the Totus Village Map in my AGT project. It still got that great, the game lags a lot around the camera is facing that direction, probably because it is being cel shaded.

agt_11I’ve also added a smoke particle effect, though I’m currently “borrowing” the smoke from Wind Waker.

At some point I’ll be creating a campfire model to place below the smoke, and a small particle effect for fire. One thing I’d like to add to the map eventually would be some street lamps.

agt_12One thing last thing I’m happy about getting into the game is fog, though it wasn’t needed it showed me how to do something I’ve been trying to figure out.

I was playing around with the values and different fog equations when I got distant objects to flatten to silhouettes like the landscape does in World of Warcraft.