Constructors, Avatars and Codecs

Redesigned the avatar which my friend Joey made for me a few years back. Cleaned up the edged, and changed the font.

While editing some videos last night, that I made of World of Warcraft last year (a 3-man Onyxia fight), I got thinking about designing a development codec. Since the files I recorded were at a stupidly high resolution of 1680×1050 at 30fps (about 30GB each), it was taking forever to do anything with them.

So I thought, how about a codec with the high quality bitstream data, but with a low quality editing stream to go with it. Big emphasis on random access and bidirectional seeking would be key to this my friend Gavin pointed out to me on IRC. Then when you’ve done editing using the low quality stream, it can be applied to the high quality when converting.

Would be nice if the C++ standard included constructors like PHP5 is introducing ( __construct() ), so whenever you change a class name, you don’t have to renamed the constructor(s) and destructor.