Legend of Bob: Bloom and Cel Shading

agt_16I finally rewrote my Cel Shading shader from DirectX to Cg, giving a very nice effect compared with the old one. The one I was using previously was per vertex shading, which gave an ugly look, however the one I’ve converted over from DirectX I wrote a while ago uses per pixel shading.

However there is a downside, the black outline edge is current done by drawing backfaces in wireframe with line thickness, the lower the anti-aliasing, the worse it appears. I’m thinking that if I use the depth buffer I can generate my own outlines based on depth change per pixel.


I have also modified the texture splat ARGB map to be smoother and use more toon like textures rather than realistic to go more with the overall theme of the game.

The contrast before was noticable, however the lack of shadows does give the impression now that the character is hovering above the ground, so I added basic shadows to solve this.

To finish off the post process effects, I added a Bloom shader.