Legend of Bob: Title Screen

Legend of Bob - Loading ScreenThe day of the hand was today, so myself and my housemates did an all nighter to add the finishing touches to our AGT projects, and despite not liking coffee, by the end of the night I was drinking it.

One of my housemates, Johnny, made me a great loading screen and title screen. The loading screen, would have been better if the candle flickered, but I didn’t have time to multithread it.

More research is needed to know if Ogre3D can be multithreaded safely.

Legend of Bob - Title ScreenThe title screen is just as basic as the loading screen, after I created a Lua script to control it. It has only two options, “Start New Game” and “Exit”.

I wish, as with the loading screen I had time to improve it, maybe some ambient music for the background, and the ability to save and load.