The Truth about Chuck Norris

After getting back from work today I decided to port some applications I made many years ago to Mac OS X, and that is when I came across this gemstone.

I didn’t realise how impossible I had made it, but once you get to the end, its almost impossible to kill Chuck Norris (the villain of the story).

I completely forgot I made this, and the stupid story I made up to go along with it. As well as the stupid comments I put in the background of the map. I can’t remember why I didn’t made the railgun charges animate though, there was a good reason, but for the life of me I can’t remember.

During the fight, I wish missiles did -10 damage instead of -5, the amount of health I gave him was ridiculous. Probably did it because of the whole Chuck Norris quotes I had been reading that night.

It was originally wrote in SDL for use on the PS2 Linux Kit, but my first and only side shooter I’ve made, as you can tell from the graphics, I made them in paint. I had some issues with XCode, still can’t go from an empty project to something I can use like I can with Visual Studio yet, but I’m getting there.

I keep accidentally making it so that it compiles for the iPhone (my key hasn’t arrived yet so I keep getting codesign errors since I’m not using the simulator).

I’ll probably give it a clean up, maybe some nicer graphics, and better spawn algorithms and upload it since I now have it compile for Win32, PS2 Linux and Mac OSX.

Some nicer music would be good to, I might talk to my friend Dave to see if he can whip up some awesome battle music, he did some nice town music for my RPG (The Legend of Bob and the Phantom Sandwich).

It certainly did give me a good chuckle trying to kill Chuck Norris with all my might, only to be destroyed by his vast spawned army of UFOs and Asteroids.

I eventually found a bug with invincibility that allowed me to be invincible long enough to suicide bomb him enough to take out his health.