Puffin Books vs Lightning Puffins

Puffin Book LogoI came back the Puffin Books logo the other day and I completely forgot it was the starting point for the super hero puffins I made when I was a kid base on that logo. I originally traced it, then tried to replicate it, but as you can see its image became more basic shapes over time.

SuperspintopProbably my child like mind making sense of what it was. The name of this one is Superspintop, he is a rollerskating puffin with the power to slam into enemies whilst spinning to stop them. I’ve always been tempted to make a game out of them. I made a book on them, a 1000 ish pages, which I can use for data, maps, background, my handwriting is as bad back then as it is now so I should be able to read it.

Perhaps a children’s game for PC, but I think I’ll keep it as a 2D platformer, as that was the idea I originally had, I want it on the SNES.