Maya: Totus Village

Totus in MayaWith my work on getting even better frame rates in my engine, I’ve began instancing objects, z-ordering, scenegraphing, etc. And to make the most of this, I’ve begun to learn to use Maya with some helpful tips from the artists and work. So I’ve started to improve the quality of my original Totus Village model I made using Milkshape3D.

As you can see I’ve added doorways now, and well as roofs (although some are still not quite complete roofs yet). There is a new terrain being work on, that will hopefully be better for area Totus village is in (between two mountain ranges, with a forest to the south and plains to the north).

I’m currently decided what to do with the walls, its hard to tell from the original SNES graphics what they were trying to do with the walls. On the one hand they appear to be supported by beams, on the other those shadows on the beams could just the be the wall on the upper half. I’ve began working on a tool that takes the COLLADA file and converts it to my geometry format, as well as some geometry optimisations through Tootle.