Maya, Textures and Bloom

Stencil and BloomI recently finished my COLLADA to Geometry converter Donatello. Now I can export a scene from Maya and convert its geometry as well as create a scene file (the scene file contains a list of geometry files to load, how many instances, and their transformation matrix in the world). There is a bug though, the way I created the ground, when triangulation is happening, the normals appear to get broken and cause different shades on the ground.

I also created a program to convert images into a texture which contains information about its width, height and depth, as well as create mipmaps. It doesn’t at the moment support compression, I’m starting to think maybe I should use dds files since I recently found out that they can be used with OpenGL (if you have a DirectX header). For now though, it works, and so I’ll keep using my own format.

I’ve also been modifying my bloom algorithm, this one seems to work a lot better with my scene. I’ve noticed my messing around also gives a great refraction effect (see the red area).