iPhone 3.0

iPhone TetheringApple recently released the iPhone SDK for 3.0, which for developers means that they can get an early release for version 3.0 of the OS (though it is possible to get ahold of the OS without being a developer through shady means). One great thing about this, someone browsing around the new iPhone OS found tethering, a much wanted feature of iPhone since its first release.

And so as usual, a fake upgrade was made, which enables it. I’ve already gave it a whirl myself, and it works great. However, I haven’t ran it for extensive periods since there is nothing in my O2 contract about tethering, which means O2 could charge me for using it. I wonder if there is a way I could get it added in…

I look forward to the actual release of tethering. There are still many other great features being introduced in the iPhone OS 3.0 for me to play around with, and I don’t really need tethering at the moment, everywhere down here seems to have WiFi close by. Maybe I should get a WiFi detector instead.