Athena: Wiimote and Mac OS X

Wiimote USB DrivesSince solving the problem of the rumbling on the XBox 360 pad, I’ve grown bored of it, and decided to branch out trying to get more controllers working in my engine.

So a few days ago I started with the Wiimote, I had planned to try to the PS3 controller but I didn’t have one, so borrowing one of my housemates Wiimotes I set to work.

There is quite a lot of documentation on the Wiimote at the moment, whether it is the correct way to do things is questionable, since there are cases like “1? – it is set to 1 by the Wii” and “set this to 0x55 at memory address X and set to 0x00 at memory address Y to enable it”.

I started with website called The Wiimote Project, but as their documentation grew scarce I found a better site (which it seemed to copy it all from anyways) called WiiBrew. The WiiBrew wiki is quite comprehensive and within a few minutes I already had the LEDs flashing.

I won’t go into a lot of detail, I’ll just show the basics that I’ve got to grips with from the documentation on WiiBrew – LEDs + Motor, Buttons, and Battery.

Connecting the Wiimote

Connecting the Wiimote to a Mac is far simpler than it is for XBox 360, for a start its a Bluetooth device that operates using the normal protocols and it doesn’t require a key to activate. To connect, first turn on Bluetooth on your Mac, and then select “Set up Bluetooth Device…“.

Follow on the onscreen instructions, and when it gets to the point where it is searching for nearby Bluetooth devices, press 1 + 2 to soft synchronize if the Wiimote isn’t bound to another device, or the sync button to hard synchronize (unbinds the Wiimote from anything it remembers).

When it appears, select it and click the “Passkey Options…” button. Select the “Do not use a passkey with this device” option and then OK. Continue on and the device will be setup and connected. You can’t actually tell since the LEDs are still blinking, but if you have done it correctly, the Bluetooth icon should be different, or the menu will have a disconnect option for the device just setup.