Catalyst Title Screen

Whilst working on animation support for Athena for Courage, I began working on a game for the iPhone called Catalyst last weekend.

I was thinking about a game I had played about a month or two before called Polygonal Fury, and realised it would port nicely onto the iPhone.

Catalyst - A circle explodesSo I started a OpenGL ES project (and discovered the new version of the iPhone supports shaders), and started with just making some circles bounce around.

Since the collision of a circle is easy, they seems the easiest to setup for interaction with touching the screen.

Catalyst - A chain reactionInitially I just made them “die” if tapped, but later I added the ability of shapes to spawn reactions.

All sprites within the game are triangle fans, but I will probably change them to quads with a texture due to the break that occasionally appears in the geometry, and alpha glow around the edge.

Catalyst - Still three "clicks" leftIt is not much, but it is a start, I plan to add some more particle types, and maybe a few different upgrades than the ones giving in the Flash version.

The background needs changing, I was thinking of something going on in the background like in another Flash game I played, Spewer, with maybe cut scenes like the Nintendo DS game Contact had.