Escape From ASDA (Update)

Escape From ASDA - Title ScreenThis weekend I’ve been going through files I’ve been meaning to upload to my website for some time now.

I’ve got all the World of Warcraft addons finished, so I began on the C++ games I made at university.

Escape from ASDA is one of them, I was gonna upload it as it was but after noticing a few memory leaks.

As I started to clean up the code, and then got a little carried away and practically rewrote most of it.

Escape From ASDA - IngameOriginally it used a custom text file format for data, that was % deliminated, now it uses Lua which makes it at lot easier to understand when editting.

I also modified the title screen to use a bit of ASCII art, and made the commands more flexible.

Unfortunately unlike v1.0.0, it does not support mouse input for navigation. And since you can’t seem to change the console caret in MacOSX, I’ve had to make a custom console buffer that I use to render to before outputting.

There are a few more changes I plan to do to make the game script more flexible before I upload the source, but for now where is the binaries for Win32 and MacOSX.

Making it compile on WIN32 again was a pain, much more than it should have been, maybe its just the Microsoft implementation of STL…

Escape From ASDA v2.1.0 (Win32) (406 downloads)


Escape From ASDA v2.1.0 (MacOSX) (413 downloads)