MacBook Pro – The Better GPU

MacBook Pro - System PreferencesIt was a few month after I got my laptop I found this out, but you need to activate the more powerful GPU on the new MacBook Pros, otherwise it just uses the less powerful one.

It is not complicated, but it isn’t exactly intuitive, though apparently Snow Leopard changes the way this works so you don’t require a restart.

MacBook Pro - Switching GPUsFirst goto “System Preferences” on the dock.

Now select “Energy Saver”.

Now select “Higher Performance”, it will ask you to restart for changes to take effect.

Once you’ve restarted, that is it, you’re using the more powerful GPU. My games gained a huge amount of FPS when I did this, and with the help of the Fan Control application, I was able to keep my laptop relatively cold.

To undo the changes, repeat but select “Better battery life” instead.

On another note, I notice the new Firefox takes into account left and right scrolling on the Mac now for moving forward and backward between webpages :).