Xcode – Visual Studio Selection Indenting

xcodeOne thing that has been annoying me about Xcode since I started using it is that it lacks the ability to highlight a block of code and indent/unindent code with tab/shift-tab.

However today I found that if you press command with [ or ] you can achieve this. I tried rebinding it to the more familiar tab key, but instead the code just got replaced with a tab.

Xcode IndentsWell its better than nothing. The image to the right also shows how to get that annoying additional tab removed whenever you added a bracket after declaring a class.

After using CodeWarrior for the past few months at work, I’ve also gotten use to my brackets being auto-closed for me so I’ve turned on that option as well.

I forgot Snow Leopard was released last week, must remember to goto the Cancom store on Monday and get myself a copy.