XBox 360 Elite Repair

xbox360_eliteOn the 11th of this month, my XBox360 finally stopped being able to work anymore. After checking the receipt I noticed it was still under warranty, so I went onto the XBox website and found the repair center, and initialised a repair.

A couple of hours later, they had already sent me a prepaid UPS label that I had to print out, and all I needed to do was arrange a pickup. So I arrange for a collection on the 15th (They don’t allow you to return it in the same box you bought it in, otherwise they don’t return it), and by the 16th it had already arrived in Frankfurt.

And then on the 17th, it was already on its way back to me. I reckon they’ve probably just replaced the console rather than replace the disc drive.

I’m glad I didn’t spend the extra money for the Game insurance, I’d rather pay Microsoft for an extended warrenty for the fast job they’ve done. Too bad I’m in work on Monday morning so I won’t be able to collect til Tuesday / Wednesday.