Today while browsing around the interwebs, I came by an archive of my old website, which was originally a Final Fantasy website.

But in my news posts from around that time, I was talking about a newer version of the battle system I had built into the custom made forums I had created since I couldn’t afford vBulletin. I named them dejaBoards, after a friend who had the alias Dejaina Rhea.

I had completely forgot I had wrote them, and the fact they made a lot of other forums hate LastRay since also being Final Fantasy forums, they couldn’t do it.

Though funny story about that, Final Fantasy Republic actually purchased the ability to look at the sourcecode for them back in the day they were making theirs. I think they also stole the idea of shops from me.

Hopefully at some point get around to re-uploading them to this site and reverse engineer the database I had setup for them. Then maybe even update them use java to get a better graphical version. They certainly need their queries cleaned up though.

Updated my WordPress blog with the old entries from the archive.