Xcode4: Building without running and the Issue Navigator

In Xcode3 I liked how you could customise your icon toolbar, so I could build a project without running it. Although you can do live builds in Xcode4 sometimes its nice just to clean and rebuild when it doesn’t detect the change that breaks it.

You cannot add icons, so instead keyboard shortcuts are needed to build without running, hold shift while clicking Run, or alternatively press the combination of command + b.

Also in Xcode3, I liked how I could quickly moved back and forth between code and the build errors window

Something which by default doesn’t happen in Xcode4, being replaced with the Issue Navigator.

However it can be opened up in a tab.

  • Open up the Xcode menu, and select Preferences
  • Select Behaviours, and then select Build generates new issues.
  • Simply check the Show Tab option, and fill in a tab name, I called mine ‘Build Errors’.

Now when you build, if you have any build errors a new tab will open up showing the issue navigator.

I seem to be having trouble getting some header files to work in the issue navigator, there are a few posts about it on the developer forums, so I will have to submit a bug report.

There is a new Xcode4 update, 4.0.1 which requires yet another 4gb download.