Tap Zoo, the game that punishes you for not playing

I haven’t played Tap Zoo for a while, I was hoping I would eventually reach the max level limit to see what happens to the content with these kinds of games, however I eventually gave up, Smurf’s I gave up on a few month ago after I missed collecting crops and would have needed to harvest 40+ crops only to replant them.

Tap Zoo I logged back in to find out that it punishes you for not playing. Any animals you were breeding will become sick and the only way to free up the slot is to pay for stars.

Back at the beginning of the game you were given stars on level up, however after about 10 levels that stops. What a bunch of idiots, you do not punish people for coming back to a game, you’re suppose to reward them to keep them back.

A recent new called call Tiny Tower is starting to take over the top of the top grossing charts. The reason, in my opinion would be the fact you do not have to pay to gain the ingame bonus tokens, you just need to play.

The more often you play, the faster you will accumulate money, and you gain actual iOS achievement as well.

It also reminds me of SimTower, which is how I came by it in the first place. Just like all these Facebook games, it have little tasks to gain you small amounts of currency as well, delivering people to floors. These not only give you money, but give you people to rent apartments so you can give them jobs.

Occasionally, VIPs will turn up that will knock off time for restocking, building, and increase people arriving at your stores to buy things. As I have said previously, the key to making a successful Facebook game, is to make a game that works like an ordinary game but you do not have to play as well.

EVE Online uses this formula.