First SMD Reflow

IMG_0278My iOS development license expired yesterday after I forgot to renew it. Since I hadn’t received word back from Apple about it being reactivated, I decided to do some electronics.

Having recently buying an analog to digital converter and a prototype adaptor board for an SOIC, I decided to use my reflow tool I bought a few month back. One thing I didn’t take into account was that my solder paste was out of date in November 2011, making it fairly thick and hard to separate.

Also it turns out the display on my reflow tool is in Fahrenheit, not Celsius.

IMG_0280I think it turned out rather well for my first one.

The second one however, a digital to analog converter, turned out far worse of a job. It is a TSSOP package – a fraction the size of the SOIC, and I have trouble with bridges being formed between pins, and my cheap solder wick was failing to remove them.

I’m unsure if the chips still work, as I took quite a while to get them in the correct position, but I was 40-60 degrees lower than the maximum soldering temperature. Hopefully I will have time to test them tomorrow.

TSSOP16 Adaptor

SOIC16 Adaptor