Journey Home

220px-Messier51_sRGBSince I never seen to get around to finishing one of my own games, I’m going to use time off in December to make one from my ever growing list of ideas. It is a space game where you are catapulted to a random square in a 32×32 square galaxy and need to find your way home without knowing where it is. Along the way you can potentially meet other players who may attack, help or just ignore you.

Upon jumping to a square, you can navigate without consuming jump driving fuel about a 16×16 square of the local cluster of stars. Once here you can scan a star system for resources before jumping to a solar system level. Resources and materials are used for building new tech to help you navigate dangerous radioactive nebulae, or harsh gravity conditions. I was thinking a 3D printer on your ship, which you also need to build replacement parts for every so often to maintain it, which will also limit on what it can make if you don’t upgrade it.

300px-Hubble2005-01-barred-spiral-galaxy-NGC1300Though I have been told that it sounds like X: Beyond the Frontier, even the storyline is the same. Maybe I played it many years ago and forgot.

I’ve so far created a few methods for procedurally generating galaxies. Since there are many galaxy shapes, I was hoping as an upper aim to allow a hard mode where you get sent a random galaxy and you have to find your home within a block of 64×64 galaxies as well.