DX11 OpenGL Wrapper

In an effort to get more up to date with DirectX11, I’ve been out of the DirectX loop now since DirectX10 was released, I have been writing a wrapper around OpenGL to implement it.

During this I have come more familiar with the OpenGL API than I’ve been before, using and testing things I haven’t before such as queries.

However in doing this, I found out that my Radeon graphics card doesn’t support GL_TIMESTAMPĀ despite it saying it supports the extension. It does suppose GL_TIME_ELAPSED but that is not handy for getting the start point of a call, only how long it took, and the only way I can think around it is to always using the measurement method until you need to query an elapsed time or a timestamp and do your own calculations.

Luckily in DX11 there is a probably on the timestamp query that will let you know if the data retrieved is reliable, so for the moment I am just always returning false.