World of Warcraft: Skovmeister Addon

SkovmeisterThis addon was created at the request of the Guild Leader at the time, it gives information and rankings on people who have between summoned somewhere (I’m guessing its because a lot of people who were raiding didn’t turn up to entrances, instead requesting summons and depleting summoner shards).

The name was also suggested by the Guild Leader, and since I had nothing better than “Kaluriel’s Summon Counter”, I went with that.

Unfortunately it didn’t get used much by the Guild at the time since it disbanded shortly after and reformed, merging two Guilds into one.


Skovmeister (390 downloads)

World of Warcraft: Kaluriel’s Noob Counter Addon

Kaluriel's Noob CounterThis is just a little addon I wrote to count the number of times i’ve pressed jump.

I wrote this originally while bored of waiting for people who were AFK when in Molton Core with my guild. And when I get bored I basically just like to jump around, and eventually so does everyone else in the guild. After writing the addon, I found out that between Lucifron and Ragnaros, I did 6k+ jumps.

Nothing special, just never seen one before, and a lot of people jump on World of Warcraft when waiting in a Raid (I suppose there is not much else to do in game).


Kaluriel's Noob Counter (372 downloads)

World of Warcraft: Kalented Addon

Kalented OpenAn ingame Talent calculator I made for World of Warcraft. It was featured as “Mod of the Day” on and curse-gaming for over a week.

Compatible with all classes and self upgrading with talent changes due to patches.

This nifty little addon will help spend less on deciding talents.

To use, press the n key to view talents, then click the “Calculator” tab on the side of the talent frame to expand (click again to unexpand).

If you experience any problems when upgrading, try using “/kalented clear” then “/console reloadui”. If the problem still persists, post it or email me.


  • Ability to enter the level at which you can plan your talent build for.
  • Saves the build you create for you to look back at in future.
  • Left Click to Increase a talent, Right Click to Decrease, like the talent frame, preventing decreasing of talents if it is an impossible path.

Kalented Closed

Known Bugs

  • Shows only the description from the rank of your actual build.

Future Changes

  • Multiple Class support via a database.
  • Auto-Build
  • Summary Box
  • Inspect Builds of other Players with Kalented


Kalented v1.1.9 Build 11000 (364 downloads)


Kalented v1.1.8 Build 1900 (363 downloads)


Kalented v1.1.7 (374 downloads)


Kalented v1.1.6 (365 downloads)


Kalented v1.1.5 (367 downloads)


Kalented v1.1.4 (381 downloads)


Kalented v1.1.3 (352 downloads)


Kalented v1.1.2 Build 1800 (359 downloads)


Kalented v1.1.1 (360 downloads)


Kalented v1.1.0 (369 downloads)


Kalented v1.0.4 (344 downloads)


Kalented v1.0.3 (354 downloads)


Kalented v1.0.2 (374 downloads)


Kalented v1.0.1 (363 downloads)


Kalented v1.0.0 Build 1600 (358 downloads)

World of Warcraft: Kaluriel’s Pet Fix Addon

Kaluriel's Pet FixKaluriel’s Pet Fix is a small addon I wrote that fixed an annoyoing bug on the pet window, where the pet would sometimes be oversized and not fit, probably the quickest I’ve wrote, since it only took 20 minutes to write up, and most of that was making the cheesy buttons in photoshop.

It may also work with hunter pets as well if they use the same frame.

One limitation of this addon is that it saves the settings by Pet Name, so you have to do it for every pet you have, but in the future I might change it so that it works by the pet species, and possibly have a default database.

This bug was eventually fixed by Blizzard.

Three pairs of buttons

  • Zoom In/Out
  • Move Up/Down
  • Move Left/Right


Kaluriel's Pet Fix (391 downloads)