Space Blast (Source)

super_metroid-final_boss-wall_bbs-small-beamI finally got around to zipping the Space Blast source up ready for download. And here it is, I haven’t run it since January 2005 when it was due, and I haven’t used Blitz Basic since then, so I don’t know if it can just be run, an old version of Blitz may be required.

The picture to the right is unrelated, I just wanted something to brighten up this short entry.

Space Blast (Version 1.0.0) (615 downloads)

Space Blast

Space BlastMy first attempt at making a game in Blitz Basic. This game was an assignment for “Game Programming + Design”.

It was inspired by combing ideas from Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion.

Well I say ideas, mainly its graphics and backstory. It supports three directional shooting, as well as two weapons – a missile and a plasma shot.

The planet background was taken from Super Metroid.