Samson and Delilah

Brighton Snow Well we didn’t get a white Christmas, but at least it snowed in January. Seen lots of awful and some great films recently. I discovered an app on the iPhone yesterday that apparently turns it into a flash drive. Its about 2.50 and called Flash Drive.

Haven’t gotten it yet, but judging by its descripting and star rating, I’m optimistic, I’ve been hoping for something like this for a while now. Downside is that it requires WiFi to work, though I’m not sure if that is required or just a bonus.

OTree Cutting WTFn the way to work the other day I came by a sign that I thought was hilarious. Tree Cutting but with a man digging symbol. Maybe its only me who find it funny, I think the falling rocks symbol may have been more useful there, if not like you have to watch out of holes in the ground, they were not digging them up, they were literally cutting them.

I was tempted to sell my limited edition Phantom Hourglass Nintendo DS (there is only 1000 in the entire world), its already tripled in price. Taking into account damage and loss, there probably closer to 900 by now. But I decided against it, I still haven’t completed the most recent Pokemon Ranger, and Chrono Trigger comes out next month.

PLimited Edition DSlus once I have the feather stylus, I will have all 3 limited edition phantom hourglass items from around the world (I found one of the Australian box thing in a shop in Brighton).

I’ve started to do some iPhone development again, working on one of my game ideas, thanks to my friend Dave I have some awesome music now, so currently I’m working on getting my 3d geometry export from Milkshape3D to render quickly. I wish there were shaders on the iPhone, they’ll probably add them in the next generation.

Speaking of shaders, I’ve been playing around the Geometry Shader in OpenGL. Its really annoying me since there is very little documentation compared with DirectX. DirectX seems to be moving forward, yet OpenGL is moving backwards with 3.0, maintaining it C structure.

The Last Supper



That is what I would be shouting if I had been doing science today, however I was woke up my Dave wanting to goto Sainsbury’s to buy stuff for dinner (Rosalyn came too).

The day before we had gone to the market to buy things for supplies, we couldn’t decide whether to get a duck as well as a turkey (some people didn’t think there was such a thing as a Christmas duck), so I offered to buy the duck, as well a large turkey and some fruit and veg.


We finally got around to starting to make the meal, and onto the first basting only to find out that Dave had put the tin foil on backward and the turkey was frozen. There were a few other obstacles, like the insane about of potatoes to peel and cook, then the lack of cooker space (lucky we have two ovens).

The meal was finish, the placemats were set and good times were had by all. The meal itself consisted of (and was nicknamed shortly after) a Jesus Duck, Holy Ghost Turkey and God’s Gravy.


As you can see from the pictures, there was more than enough for 8 people, and we had plenty spare.

Next year, we need to make an even BIGGER meal to outdo this one, like this one outdid the last one we made. It really puts actual Christmas dinner to shame.

The Credit Crunch

SantaLooks like Santa is also been affected by the credit crunch. I was at Sainsbury’s today and there is in the doorway begging for money like a hobo (and clearly starving, what ever happened to our jolly fat Santa?) – as you can see from the picture.

Or maybe he also taken for a ride by the Christmas Parcel Wrapping scam. Those elves have unions nowadays, he probably thought he could save money, but instead they replaced all his toys and gifts for children, with coal.

His mortgage must have gotten a bit too pricey for him, hes even moved his Grotto to Bolton, of all places.